SEO Keyword Research

If Content is a King, then Keyword is a Crown!

Have you already spent thousands on your content but still facing no substantial ranking growth? Then it might be the reason for the lack of keywords on your website or their wrong usage. Keyword research holds one of the vital importance for higher ranking. Finding the right keywords and using them on your webpages require a sense of Search engine optimization and digital marketing expertise to place your targeted keyword naturally so it works for search engines and your visitors also. This is what we call Keyword Planning.

A compelling copy is what gives you convergence, not highly stuffed keyword content. What if we create a highly optimized copy that works for both? Our extremely creative keyword based copywriting services will not only bring convergence but also complies with SEO best practices. Would there be anything better than this? Web copywriting has high convergence potential so if you couple it with your SEO keywords then it will definitely bring wonders to your business.

Our keyword researchers are not data finders, they are qualified SEO specialists who know how to promote a website in USA. They do not collect keywords and just put them blindly into your website but they perform manual research on each keyword and decide where it should be placed and in which quantity likewise, they also care to create relevant keyword proximities which are likely being entered on Google by your potential client or buyer. Moreover, we do not only rely on single keywords, which is mostly done by cheap SEO services in USA but we have a clear-cut strategy for relevant keywords and their positioning. Our keyword research goes as follow;

  • Retrieving all relevant keywords with their monthly search volume form Google’s keyword planner tool which is one of the most authentic tools for keywords researching.
  • Sorting out high volume yet most relevant keywords for each page of your website.
  • Selecting one keyword out of many for a single page. This one keyword will be the most prominent and targeted to get traffic on your website.
  • Looking up for supporting keywords. These keywords will supplement the dominating keywords. It includes proximity keywords, relevant keywords, natural keywords as well as long tail keywords. All these keywords are collected by paid tools and also be created by our expert SEO keyword researchers to cover all possible queries made by your client or buyer.
  • Creating compelling content based on these dominating and supplementing keywords to make the strongest impact on your websites’ ranking.
  • You will see your business website winning the ranking race.

Sounds convincing? Let our keyword researcher create a complete keyword theme of your website.